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Connected to parents on App

Always Online

As a school owner, you can be anywhere in the world and you will have instant access to your school records, from student attendance to admission records, you will be in-know with each class real-time topics and the average score on the test and lots more.

As a parent, you get to assist your children to do their homework and lots more when you already know his/her score in class tests and also check their report cards any time of the day.

Including Attendance History


Now you can keep records of how many times a student attended school and quickly notify the parent of the absence via SMS and Email.
Daily attendance of student is very important to parents as this will help to quickly know if there is something strange about their children if the child has been spending his time on something else away from school.

When report card is sensitive

Realtime Report Card

When you don't have to wait till the end of the term to see the report card, now the report card is sensitive to every test and exam, with this dynamic nature the parent can periodically set the improvement measure necessary to meet up with performance target for the child

All payments


Accounting modules handle all payments while taking into account paid and outstanding school or tuition fees directly, managing services such as school bus, books and lot more. Wi-monito auto send SMS to parents with outstanding balance, and parent can send sms 'balance' to dedicated line and the system auto respond outstanding amount

Parent/Teacher Notification


Now schools can send e-Note like DM on social media with parents concerning their child's performance and the notes are stored for follow up.
Now its a collective effort to help the child grow

Online PTA


Parents with busy schedules can join the school e-PTA to discuss the way forward like on-premises PTA.
Now your school is discussing with real parents and not just aunties or maids because of their busy schedules

All items from books to uniforms


With Wi-Monito, All items to be collected by student and which student collected it, what is left and when to re-order. Books, Uniforms and many other items you set up

Birthday Reminder


How can schools forget the birthdays of their students? At least the school should congratulate their student's parents, A scheduled customised SMS can be sent through the parents to their children wishing them happy birthday automatically, it's the first thing the parent sees in the morning which will make them feel honoured. just the way Banks sends birthday greetings, let your school also send.


CBT/ Assessment

Wi-Monito help the schools with their questions for classes to be used as a computer-based test, CBT, this is the future of assessments and exam and we are preparing the students for the future

Online Assignment


With Wi-Monito parents can now see the assignment given to the students while at work, this will keep the parents involved with their children in a new way, now the student cannot lie about no assignment when there is an assignment.

Share memorable pictures

Photo gallery/auto-Photo book

Now schools can share happy moments with parents, maybe during practical classes, sports or events worth sharing which parents can share on social media. the future is here. We know childhood has so much memory and now we can have it shared even on social media.

Book management


Wi-monito manage school library, all book setup and who has pick up a book and where to find the book on the shelf. Analytical view on how books are collected and which class have more students read what kind of book. We can achieve more..

See the spreadsheet

School calendar

With the school calendar, the syllabus and all the daily topics to be treated, Wi-Monito helps to provide this details to parents and with a marker to tell when the school is on the calendar.

Promotion is handled


Aside from elegantly bringing the scores together for a real-time report card, the system can also handle a promotion to a new class which also notifies parents

Over 100+ Schools
with cutting edge Technology

It is time to grow up and keep your schools connected to parents

Full responsive

This system is responsive to any interface you open it on, from smartphones, tablets, desktop or even flat screens gadgets, you can always enjoy a seeming view

Performance Charts

We don't leave you with only school data, we help make sense of it with our machine learning implementation (Artificial Intelligence). We help you see where to assist the students



e-Note is the new ways to send information to parents, it costs less and it always delivers


Securely store data on the cloud which generates back previous and lost data anytime, no loss of files due to any form of an accident such as fire, water or loss of documents

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Perfectly designed

Wi-Monito was developed by enthusiasts and technology-lovers and it has been a labour of love for us for years. We have 100+ schools on this platform enjoying our services. The journey continues to thrill us as we welcome new schools. We hope you join us

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Even more great features

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Report Card

Dynamic Report Generator

With the use of technology and the advancement in artificial intelligence, now the report is auto generated in such a way that at any CA or exam scores will automatically be updated on the report card. The future is here and parents do not have to wait till the term ends to know what they need to improve on the child to perform better.

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Fee management

School Fees Management

Our school management module helps the school to organize payment in such a way that each parent will know how much he/she needs to pay and also the payment breakdown. Wi-Monito can also broadcast customized SMS to state clearly how much they are owning the school

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School Fees

Wi-Monito can send a periodic reminder to parents to pay up school fees via SMS and email. Wi-Monito can show students payment history and lots more.
SchoolFees Payment Tool © BETA
Parents can now pay online, they don't have to leave the conform of their home/offices and your school will not worry about reconciliation again. Cashless

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LESS Paper Work

Wi-Monito has automated almost all the processes that need paperwork in schools from registrations to exams, enjoy a process flow that redefines everything... Almost everything!!

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Always Online

As a school owner, you can be anywhere in the world and you will have instant access to your school information and you will be in-know with each class real-time topics and average scores on test and lot more.
As a parent, you can get to help your kid to do homework and lot more when you already know his/her score in the class test. Look at report card at any time of the day.

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App Pricing

The application price starting from NGN 395+, GHS 5.95+, ZAR 17.83+,
BWP 13.02+,ZMW 13.74+, KES 121.41+, USD 1.21+ only per child/term

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  • This is a free version with only one term usage
  • FREE / Child/Term
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  • Standard
  • Full features with Online SchoolFees Payment Platform.
  • Nigeria NGN 395 / Child/Term
  • Ghana GHS 5.95 / Child/Term
  • South Africa ZAR 17.83 / Child/Term
  • Botswana BWP 13.02 / Child/Term
  • Zambia ZMW 13.74 / Child/Term
  • Kenya KES 121.41 / Child/Term
  • Malawi MWK 873.71 / Child/Term
  • Rwanda RWF 1,044 / Child/Term
  • Zimbabwe ZWD 436 / Child/Term
  • US USD 1.21 / Child/Term
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Now Wi-Monito is the system that schools count on to store the students records, to handle promotion and automate almost all school processes.


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  • Your school activity will be online in a secure cloud space
  • Parents can connect to see only their child's performance
  • Computer Based Test (CBT) solution is inclusive and the result is instant and be customized to be delayed
  • Generate Reportcard on realtime, now your teachers can only worry about making the non-CBT papers and the computer will generate the rest, producing an accurate report card, which is accessible to parent on portal and email
  • Graphical chart of student performance with indicators for school based on the school measurement
  • Notification will now be sent via email, sms instead of printed papers
  • Your report cards can always be re-printed or reproduced incase of any lost of the report card
  • Stored in a secure environment and can be accessible many years to come
  • Let the parent communicate with you faster via the portal provided for them to respond to the school, customized with your school logo and school name
  • and more..

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Every child academic success should be a collective effort of schools, teachers and the parents or guardian. With wi-monito we hope to bring parents closer to the school by providing a virtual world where informations between schools and parents will be effortless.

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